Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My CAT poem

Here is a link to my writing.  In my class we have been learning to write poems and I made one hope you like it

It as a bit hard there was alot of noise in the background but I made it stop by saying please be quite.

It was also hard making up some words for the poem it's called cat's.

Blog ya later


  1. kia ora skyla I like how the screencastify turned out even though i was there doing the ticker.
    Did you think about going a bit slower cause i could barely read your poem that you made.
    Next time you could you a bit more punctuation of how you said your poem.

    From Tru blog you later

  2. Hi Skaly I like the cat poem what you writed. by bailey

  3. Hello Skyla me awesome Sophie here your best friend how be you thank of this it is to cool i am going to listen to in ever day when I wock it mate this is the end from me...

  4. Whats up Skyla I love your Cat Poem .
    next step uplaod the video on your blog.

  5. Ni hao Skyla.
    Me and my friends in Rimu like the beet you have in there and where you taping?
    but anyway It was Cool!!
    maybe you can but the link of the google drawing.
    bye from now Neaveh

  6. Konnichiwa Skyla it's Siyona here from Rimu class I like your story next step puchuwachons you did not need to put that I made it stop by saying please be quite so next time when you write just rumumber these things blog you later .

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